Essential Graffix is the product of what happens when two creatively driven people get married. It started as a zombie standing in the moonlight (business zombie), and has evolved into a multifaceted, dynamic business that offers comprehensive art services, creates unique products, and strives to offer inspired solutions for every creative need.

Owners Bryan and Adrienne Fisher bring a diverse set of creative skills to the table.

Bryan, the resident artist contributes a diverse set of illustrative skills, design skills, and a vast (and a bit overactive) imagination. He was inspired to start drawing at the age of 4 while watching his older brother, Chris. His brother’s art combined with a love of comic books sparked a desire to be the best artist possible: an accomplishment that continuously pushes him to learn and grow.

Essential Graffix started as a t-shirt company featuring his art, but after 14 years of freelancing, Bryan decided that he wanted to pursue art full time. Now, the husband and wife team are working to make that dream a reality.

Bryan’s talent is not limited to one genre, style or medium. He has created art ranging from illustrations for a children’s book to t-shirt designs for a resort company. Other projects include cover and interior art for a science-fiction novel and a book of poetry, concept and sequential art for a high fantasy video game, graphite portraits, and too many others to list. If you can dream it, chances are Bryan can draw it.

Adrienne is more of the necessary jack-of-all trades, master of none. Writer, editor, art director, manager, social media manager, and more; you name it, Adrienne better be able to do it if it needs done. But, her most important job is that of Bryan’s #1 fan.

The first time she learned Bryan could draw was while hanging out as teenagers in her room. Friends suggested that Bryan draw something on the walls because, they claimed, he was a great artist. Adrienne was less than thrilled, as everyone thinks they are an artist, and she had visions of mediocre to bad art on her walls. However, after about a half-hour, it became apparent that Bryan was, in fact, a great artist and his #1 fan was born.

Fast forward to 2016, roughly 20 years, a t-shirt business and six children later and here we are!

When Adrienne is not working on Essential Graffix, she still never stops moving. Raising, enjoying and homeschooling six children, managing a household, quilting and sewing, cooking and baking, listening to music, trying to figure out a social life and church involvement and her blog Three Headed Momster (hyperlink) all keep her happily occupied.

When Bryan is not working on Essential Graffix, he enjoys hanging out with his wife and children, watching movies and playing video games, listening to music, and reading.